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We wanted to give a shout out to our good friend, Tina, at the Blog Tour Spot and participate in her last Blog Tour because 1) the book looked very interesting and we are suckers for memoirs and 2) we are so thankful for her nudging and support at DHP.

So on to Someone’s Son by Brenda Rhodes…is it ok to say that I have not yet finished the book?  Circumstances kept me from starting the book until later than I had wanted, so I have not finished and am therefore late with the post…but I really do love it.  Thank you, Brenda, for telling this story and for opening your heart going to the depths to share God’s redeeming love.  What a blessing.  I can only imagine that writing it had quite a healing power to it.  I cannot wait to finish it and will definitely be passing it on to bless someone else.

Someone’s Son is a true story of a mother battling to rescue her prodigal son when God intervenes, reaching into the darkest of places to find a mother and her son who need Him desperately.
Rhodes takes you down a path of God’s unfailing love and faithfulness to be able to see that no darkness can block out His plan of redemption. She brings readers to see, feel and taste the redemptive love and power of God, no matter what their circumstances or how they got there.

Someone’s Son will touch your heart and stir your faith. Readers will come away with confidence that God can handle your darkest sins, your guilt, your regrets, your sorrow, or your pain.

This is an inspirational story you should not miss.


PS – Love the cover!


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I love when we get to do a trailer for a book that really challenges us…and by that I mean personally!  I am not a fashion person.  I don’t think anyone would call me style-less, but I’m more one that flies under the radar.  Just blend in, I tell myself.  Nothing too cute, nothing too far out there.  So although I can’t bring myself to incorporate everything Shari talked about, I certainly took tons of nuggets from her.  And I’ve shared my knowledge with friends and family – so much so that they want the book, too.  Here is the trailer we did for Zondervan:

My favorite thing from the book:  the Point System Accessory Guide.  Very fun and very helpful.

Good Girls Don’t Have to Dress Bad by Shari Braendel

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For the tour post, click here

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I want to be that Mom.  I really, really do.  The Mom that uses the cloth diapers AND glass bottles AND picks produce at the local farm AND the one that magically knows how to clean everything (I mean everything) with vinegar AND buys all her food organic AND composts AND has a square-foot garden for all her herbs and maybe a couple of vegetables AND…  But I’m not, not even close.

When I signed up to be a part of this BlogTour, I have to say I was excited but just as much anxious.  I just knew this book was going to tell me all the things I was doing wrong and how my kids were going to end up with tumors and grow a third arm because of the awful things I was exposing them to, but it wasn’t so bad.  And it turns out, I’m not so bad either.  In Green Mama, Tracey Bianchi does a great job at explaining what she calls “different shades of green.”  So what if right now I’m only at a green hue, I think the point is that I’m there…I want to do better.  And I certainly want to show my kids that we ALL can do better.

MY GREEN CHALLENGE:  Greening all our household cleaning products – I started this week…instead of reaching for the $1.09 bottle of dishwashing soap at Target, I took the Seventh Generation bottle instead.  Baby steps.

MY GREEN CHALLENGE FOR YOU:  I firmly believe in green play – meaning doing things outside in God’s creation.  If the weather is good and we are on an outing, we visit our city’s Gardens or go to the park or go for a walk.  You will rarely catch our family at that place (without mentioning names…cough, cough) with pizza and games and a rat in a costume…that’s just wasted energy for them and for us 🙂

Quote from the Book:  “[The American Dream] is a dream that says we can have it all and we would be fools not to take it all.” Wow.  That’s just scary.  Not for us, Lord, please not for us.


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We are thrilled to show our latest trailer for Francine Rivers.  Her novel, Her Mother’s Hope, is remarkable and will be out March 16, 2010.  It was such a privilege to work on a project for an author we love.  Here it is:

And along with Francine’s work, we also created a trailer for Beth Moore.  Her latest book, So Long Insecurity, is full of great wisdom – we enjoyed it immensely.  It is due out February 2, 2010 and will be posted to YouTube next week.

Until then, you can see it here:  http://www.solonginsecurity.com

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Today is the official release date for Mary DeMuth’s A Slow Burn, the second book in the Defiance, Texas Trilogy.  We are excited to be on the blog tour via BlogTourSpot and even more thrilled to do the trailer for this book as we did for Daisy Chain.  We are fairly new fans of Mary’s work (about a year and a half), but we are delighted that we found her.  Her fiction is rich, well developed, and most importantly, focuses on real people.  Being from a small town, I feel like I grew up with some of the people in her books (as sad as that might be).  Mary’s themes can be dark, but always on the other side is a hope relying on God’s truth.  Too many authors of Christian fiction use awkward explanations to show Biblical truths, but Mary does it seamlessly.  Just as Christians should wear the radiance of Christ on our faces without actually having to preach from a pulpit, so are her characters, their dialogue, and development in this Trilogy.

A Slow Burn takes the perspective of Miss Emory Chance, while Daisy Chain spoke from the perspective of Jed.  I have to say, I was a little sad not to see Jed as much in this book – I grew very attached to him in DC.  However, Emory’s story – her past, her present, and where she might go – is heartbreaking.  It’s not hard to want to be involved with this poor woman and follow her road to redemption.  Hixon and Muriel also play major roles in this book.  And you’ll, of course, have some drama from the characters of DC including Hap, Ousie, Jed, Big Earl and others.

As many are awaiting the final book in the Trilogy, we are happy to say we will be doing the trailer for that book, as well.  And can we just say….it is sooooo worth the wait 🙂  And one more thing…we we are loving Mary’s fiction, but can’t wait for her memoir, Thin Places.  It’s on our must list for 2010 – put it on yours.

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And a teaser video we were more than happy to do for Mrs. Renae Brumbaugh. You’ll be seeing more of it later when the Blog Tour Spot conducts it’s tour later this month.

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