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Today is the official release date for Mary DeMuth’s A Slow Burn, the second book in the Defiance, Texas Trilogy.  We are excited to be on the blog tour via BlogTourSpot and even more thrilled to do the trailer for this book as we did for Daisy Chain.  We are fairly new fans of Mary’s work (about a year and a half), but we are delighted that we found her.  Her fiction is rich, well developed, and most importantly, focuses on real people.  Being from a small town, I feel like I grew up with some of the people in her books (as sad as that might be).  Mary’s themes can be dark, but always on the other side is a hope relying on God’s truth.  Too many authors of Christian fiction use awkward explanations to show Biblical truths, but Mary does it seamlessly.  Just as Christians should wear the radiance of Christ on our faces without actually having to preach from a pulpit, so are her characters, their dialogue, and development in this Trilogy.

A Slow Burn takes the perspective of Miss Emory Chance, while Daisy Chain spoke from the perspective of Jed.  I have to say, I was a little sad not to see Jed as much in this book – I grew very attached to him in DC.  However, Emory’s story – her past, her present, and where she might go – is heartbreaking.  It’s not hard to want to be involved with this poor woman and follow her road to redemption.  Hixon and Muriel also play major roles in this book.  And you’ll, of course, have some drama from the characters of DC including Hap, Ousie, Jed, Big Earl and others.

As many are awaiting the final book in the Trilogy, we are happy to say we will be doing the trailer for that book, as well.  And can we just say….it is sooooo worth the wait 🙂  And one more thing…we we are loving Mary’s fiction, but can’t wait for her memoir, Thin Places.  It’s on our must list for 2010 – put it on yours.

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