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It never fails…when I mention that Drive Home creates book videos, I get a confused look.  Books are meant to be read, not watched, right?  Well, not anymore.  Much like a movie trailer does for a movie, a book video or book trailer (yes, I know this term is trademarked by COS – hey guys!)  does the same.  However, as you can imagine it’s a bit trickier with a book.  There are no clips of video or actual dialogue, music, etc. to compile in a nice little package. Designers have to read the book, script it and make it visual.  And as you probably have seen out there, some book videos are good and some are not so good.  And just as a good video can inspire readers to read your book, a bad one can do the opposite.

Oh dear, the why question 🙂  Book videos are meant to be watched on the internet.  There are a few exceptions, but mainly on the internet.  And do you realize how much time you are on the internet?  It’s a ton for you and everybody else.  And did you realize that over 80% of internet users watch online video?  Advertisements can be tricky – users usually don’t like to watch those…unless they are entertaining or unless they are interesting.  We don’t make uninteresting videos 🙂  On the flip side, in the past how did an author promote a book?  In print or in person.  But here’s the kicker…are you listening?  A book video can be where an author can’t be.  It can tell a fraction of the author’s story in a way that backcover copy never can.  And it can help promote a book Before a reader even enters a bookstore and long After the hype of a release date is over.

So where in the world do you place the video once it’s created?  Basically, where readers are.  We have a whole list of sites we like to place a video.  Then we usually have a few that the publisher requests.  And then there are those that the publisher/author will need to do themselves.  For instance, it really doesn’t do much good for us to post on our Facebook page.  Fans are friends with the authors they like and that’s where the video should be.  Also, sites like Amazon (which we highly recommend the video be placed there) require that the author/publisher place the video.  They don’t want a lot of wannabe’s posting videos that aren’t endorsed by the author.

Our edge – we really try hard to “get” your book.  Whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, we know authors and publishers have spent countless hours leading up to a book’s release date.  As I mentioned earlier, there is no actual footage that we can put in a video for you.  It’s up to the creativity of the designer to take words and make them visual.  We literally scour our resourses to make sure the end product reflects the author’s and publisher’s vision. Our goal is simply this – to inspire readers to read your book.

Shoot us an email (info@drivehomeproductions.com) and let’s get started.  We’ll need an ARC, about 2-3 weeks time, and a starting vision for what you want us to create.  And if the author or publisher wants to be involved with the scripting, that’s wonderful.  We’d love it.  And if not, we’re capable.  After approval, we’ll distribute your video to sharing sites and watch it take off.

Any more questions?


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